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Rubus occidentalis 'Munger'

Munger Black Raspberry, Munger Raspberry

Main interest:
vigorous grower, antioxidant rich black fruit with very good flavour, medium-sized fruit, less seedy
full sun to partial shade
Soil humidity:
moist soil
Flower colour:
Flowering period:
USDA Hardiness:
zone 4a: -34.5 °C (-30 °F) View Zone Map
Mature height & width (max.):
height: 5 ft (1.5 m) width: 3 ft (0.9 m)
fruit production, edible garden, fence, trellis, low hedge, specimen

Munger Black Raspberry (Rubus occidentalis 'Munger) is a well proven, mid-season black raspberry cultivar that was first introduced in 1897. A heavy-bearing plant, it produces berries of excellent flavour and quality in July-August; and is the leading commercial variety planted in the American Pacific Northwest. The abundant annual crop of plump, shiny berries are some of the least seedy black raspberries available on the market. Eat fresh, and use in baking and jams.

Munger Black Raspberry is self-fertile, and grows to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It enjoys full sun, and part shade. Cooler summers will produce better yields. Showy, 5-petalled white flowers with yellow anthers emerge in June.

Canes are biennial - the summer fruit crop is produced in the second year on old wood (vegetative canes that have overwintered from the prior year). So, each year: (1) Remove canes that have fruited immediately after fruit is harvested, leaving the new vegetative (non-fruiting) canes to overwinter. (2) In early spring, remove any Munger Raspberry canes damaged by winter and thin the remaining canes as needed, leaving only healthy, well-spaced canes. In addition shorten canes by up to up to 6”. This will help the canes to be self-supporting, and remove the parts of the canes that produce the smallest berries.

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Also known as: Munger Black-Cap Raspberry, Bear's eye Blackberry, Wild Black Raspberry, Summer-bearing Raspberry, Summer-fruiting Raspberry, Summer Raspberry, Summer Black Raspberry, Floricane Raspberry, Floricane-bearing Raspberry, Floricane-fruiting Raspberry

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