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Any orders placed after October 31, 2020 will be shipped spring - fall of 2021 (dependent on when variety reaches maturity as an Econoplant or Turboplant). 

We ship from late April until the end of October. Order anytime! Until spring shipping begins, we’ll take care of your plants for you. (Check our home page in April to find out when spring shipping begins.) We answer a few more questions about shipping and ordering beneath the contact form below.

Some of us don’t like to use web contact forms, so you are welcome to contact use at customersupport@bambooplants.ca It won’t get to us more quickly than using the form, nor will it affect our response time, but we aim to please. Although our website is currently only in English, customer service is also available in French.

    This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

    All year round! We close for the winter on October 31st, but continue to take orders for spring and summer shipping. As soon as your plants become available we will ship them to you.

    We can ship your order in a specific week, but not on a specific day. Send us an email with your order number and the week you’d like it shipped, and we will see what we can do.

    If you wish to place an order for next spring before we close on October 31st, please send us an email, with your order number, and ask us to hold the order until next year. All orders placed after October 31st, will automatically be shipped the next year.

    We are closed from October 31st to mid-April. We begin shipping sometime in mid to late April, and ship weekly. Please check our website home page in April, for further details.

    You can leave the parcel unopened for a couple of days. Store it inside a fridge, or in a cool dark room. The unopened package provides a more stable environment for your plants, and will help avoid variations in humidity and temperature that may shock them.

    This is a very hard question to answer. We have hundreds of varieties of plants, and like all living things, their growth is organic and not ruled by mere humans. We have some plants available one year, and then not the next. Please check the website once in a while, as we can’t really answer this question about individual plant varieties.

    Simply, we do not grow all plants in both sizes. If a plant size is “out of stock”, it doesn’t mean it was ever in stock. Our e-commerce system is set to enable us to sell all sizes in the future. We plan to keep expanding!

    Sorry, we only ship in Canada. We are planning to start shipping in the USA as we expand in the next 2 or 3 years!

    Our plants are propagated and hand raised in Canada by master growers. Their root systems are exceptional and the plants are of the highest quality. Consequently, our EconoPlant and TurboPlant pot sizes, although smaller than 1 gallon size, are great value.


    Known as horticultural plugs, these pots are 3” in diameter and a generous 4” tall, with a slightly tapered bottom. They provide great value if you want to experiment with a lot of varieties, or if you have a large are, or many beds to fill. Look for “Lots of 10” EconoPlants on our Special Offers page for great value!


    These pots are 5″ across and 5” tall, with exceptionally well developed root systems. They are the perfect stand-in for the traditional 1 gallon pot. Choose this size if you want fast results or would like to treat someone with a gift. Look for “Lots of 3” on each plant variety page, and follow the age-old advice of planting in scalene. Then buy a single complementary variety to add interest.

    You can always check the size differences right before ordering, by clicking on Want to know what each pot size looks like? above the "Options" drop down, on each product page.

    Shrub size comparison 225x300 - How can we help you?Grass size comparison 227x300 - How can we help you?

    We wouldn't recommend it! We are a plant grower and supplier; and we don't have sufficient customer service personnel to provide this service. If you are looking for more advice, work with a local garden centre or landscape designer.

    Yes, it is. Although our website is currently only available in English, customer service is available in both French and English.

    Unfortunately, no. Our business is set-up on an e-commerce model - so, we grow plants, take orders, and ship. We follow this model as we are incredibly busy with more than one greenhouse site, and its almost impossible to get us away from tending plants.

    We are using best practices to ensure everyone's safety:

    • We wear locally sewn masks.
    • We use Nitrile gloves.
    • We are practicing self-distancing.
    • We disinfect our hands between each order.
    • At this time the team is all healthy, but if anyone shows symptoms of a virus they will quarantine according the guidelines of the Federal Government.
    • Corona Virus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard. Our plants can live for several days inside their shipping boxes. So, go ahead and let your box sit for a day after delivery before opening it.

    Everyone, please take care and be safe. And get out and garden!


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