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Pot Sizes

Our plants are propagated and hand raised in Canada by master growers.  Their root systems are exceptional, and the plants are of the highest quality. Consequently, our EconoPlant and TurboPlant pot sizes are great value.


Shrub size comparison - Pot SizesGrass size comparison - Pot Sizes


Known as horticultural plugs, these pots are 3” in diameter and a generous 4” tall, with a slightly tapered bottom. This pot size provides great value if you want to experiment with a lot of varieties, or if you have a large are, or many beds to fill. 


These pots are 5" across and 5” tall, containing plants with exceptionally well developed root systems. They are the perfect stand-in for the traditional 1 gallon pot. Choose this pot size if you want fast results or would like to treat someone with a gift. Look for "Lots of 3" on each plant variety page, and follow the age-old advice of planting in scalene. Then buy a single complementary variety to add interest.

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