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Vitis 'Himrod'

Himrod Grape, Himrod Seedless Grape, Himrod Table Grape Vine, Himrod Fox Grape

Main interest:
golden seedless grape, ripening quickly, sweet flavor
full sun
Soil humidity:
moist soil; well drained
Growth type:
Flower colour:
yellow green
Mildly fragrant
Flowering period:
USDA Hardiness:
zone 5b: -26 °C (-15 °F) View Zone Map
Mature height & width (max.):
height: 20 ft (6 m) width: 20 ft (6 m)
fruit production, trailing, screen, patio, pergola

Vitis 'Himrod' is a seedless American grape variety that is self-pollinating. It is a fast growing, woody, tendril-climbing vine, which typically will grows to 20'. Panicles of fragrant, insignificant greenish spring flowers are followed by clusters of golden yellow grapes that ripen in late summer. Grapes are crisp, sweet and juicy; and are excellent fresh eating as a dessert grape, and dried as raisins. The more sun the sweeter the fruit!

Himrod seedless grape tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, including average garden soils, but must have good drainage. Plant in area sheltered from winter winds. While grown for its fruit, Himrod also has great value as an ornamental vine, and an attractor of pollinators. Bold green foliage is large, shallowly-three-lobed, with some fall colour. Shaggy trunks and branches are best seen in winter. Works well for use as an ornamental vine on an arbor or trellis or trailing along fences.

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Synonym(s): Vitis labrusca 'Himrod'

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