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  • Canadian Grown
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  • Shipped in ON, QC, NB, NS, PE


The practices we follow are in service to our goal of good land stewardship, healthy plants, healthy workers and a financially sustainable business. We are both frugal and practical in the choices we make. We want to provide the best quality ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs, and bamboo possible. As time goes on we will expand the number of plants we offer, the size of our operation and the number of things we can to ensure that what we do today doesn't compromise the the ability of future generation's to meet their needs. This is what sustainability means to us.

Energy Use

We've chosen to not heat our greenhouse. We protect our plants with winter covers when it's really cold and use natural ventilation (doors open and sides up) and shade covers to protect the plants in the summer. Many of our grasses overwinter outdoors, and are also protected from extreme heat and cold with winter covers and shade covers. Not only does it save energy, it gives us very hardy plants. Our plants are tended with great care, and are shipped to you with great care.

Water Use

As much as possible, and that's most of the time, we use rainwater catchment to water our plants.

Pest Control

Good plant hygiene is a must, and our plants are fussed over. We have a wonderful stand of trees on the property which provide us with a number of beneficial insects that control "pests". We sometimes need to deal with a few persistent species of bugs, and we make the least noxious choices possible.


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