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Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Flame' Red

Red Flame Willow, Red-orange Willow, Red-orange-stemmed Willow

Main interest:
shortest selection (12 ft tall), bright red to orange fresh stems, showy colored stems for cuttings and winter garden, multi-stemmed
full sun
Soil humidity:
moist to wet soil
Flower colour:
yellowish green
Flowering period:
bright green
USDA Hardiness:
zone 3a: -40 °C (-40 °F) View Zone Map
Mature height & width (max.):
height: 12 ft (3.6 m) width: 8 ft (2.4 m)
flower arrangements, winter colour, hedges, screens, basketry rods, naturalized gardens

Salix x fragilis f. vitellina ‘Flame' Red has bright green foliage, bright red stems and pale yellow green catkins. The Red Flame Willow is an upright, dense shrub that grows to 12 ft tall and 8 ft wide. Stems have an orange-red glow year round, but in late October turn brilliant red, providing the most wonderful winter interest in the garden. Regular coppicing encourages great stem colour, as does full sun. A wonderful willow for cut flower arrangements, and for basketry (dries to a light shiny reddish brown). Highly ornamental colour, but not necessarily the easiest variety for basket making as it tends to be brittle. Fresh stem colour; orange-red. Dried rod colour: shiny reddish-brown

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Ships ON, QC, NB, PE, NS

Synonym(s): Salix 'Flame', Salix x 'Flame', Salix alba 'Flame'

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