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Nyssa sylvatica

Black Gum, Sourgum, Black Tupelo

Main interest:
brillant red fall colour, native, attracts birds and bees, beneficial to wildlife, slow-growing habit, tolerates wet soil
full sun to partial shade
Soil humidity:
moist to wet soil; poorly-drained
Flower colour:
greenish white
Flowering period:
May to June
glossy, dark green
USDA Hardiness:
zone 3a: -40 °C (-40 °F) View Zone Map
Mature height & width (max.):
height: 50 ft (15 m) width: 30 ft (9 m)
specimen, shade tree, renaturalization, street tree, rain garden, wet woodland

Nyssa sylvatica, widely known as Black Gum, Sourgum and Black Tupelo, has a dense conical crown, and nearly horizontal branches. Grows from 20 ft to 50 ft, with a trunk of 1 ft to 5 ft in diameter.

Smooth, waxy, dark-green summer foliage changes to fluorescent yellow, orange, scarlet, and purple in fall. Flowers are small and insignificant. Black Gum has a flowering habit that is polygamodioecious, meaning that some plants have mostly male flowers while others have mostly female flowers, with most plants having a few perfect hermaphrodite flowers. The nectar from the flowers is sought after by bees. Berries are small and blue. A handsome ornamental, and shade tree, its juicy fruits are loved by birds and mammals alike.

Site in a permanent location because its long taproot makes it difficult to transplant later. It is tolerant of drought, heat, dry and wet soils, and is moderately salt tolerant. 

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Ships ON, QC, NB, PE, NS

Also known as: Black Gum Tree, Sour Gum Tree, Pepperidge, Common Tupelo Tree

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