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Sempervivum 'Pilioseum'

Pilioseum Hens and Chicks, Green Houseleek, Green Hens and Chicks

Main interest:
great texture and colour, drought tolerant, poor soil, very hardy
full sun
Soil humidity:
dry soil; well drained
Growth type:
slow running
Flower colour:
pink and red
Flowering period:
June to July
USDA Hardiness:
zone 3a: -40 °C (-40 °F) View Zone Map
Mature height & width (max.):
height: 4 in (10 cm) width: 8 in (20 cm)
border, alpine and rock gardens, ground cover, edging, planters, containers, xeriscaping

Sempervivum ‘Pilioseum’ is a mat forming perennial succulent. It features evergreen rosettes of dark red leaves with light green tips (with a slight shimmer), having more red or green depending on season. As the colour responds to temperature changes. Rosettes grow to 4" wide. This green houseleek has great personality in the garden throughout the year. The “mother’ rosette spreads runners radially to form its clutch of “chicks” in an ever expanding circle. It features unusual clusters of pink star-shaped flowers with red eyes and red stripes rising above the foliage on sturdy stocks in mid summer. As with all Sempervivium, it is extremely drought tolerant once established, and survives in rough souls in near neglect. That said; make sure there is always adequate drainage, as it doesn’t like wet feet. It is both deer and rabbit resistant.

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