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  • White Snowberry - Symphoricarpos albusSymphoricarpos albus

    Native to North America, Common Snowberry is grown for its large white berries, which remain on the stems through the winter. It has green foliage, with small bell-shaped white flowers blooming July t...
  • Golden Elder - Sambucus canadensis 'Aurea' habitSambucus canadensis 'Aurea'

    Golden Elder is grown for its golden yellow foliage and large clusters of white flowers in bloom June and July. This deciduous shrub grows to 12 ft high and 10 ft wide, working well as a border. Fr...

  • American Elderberry - Sambucus canadensis fruitSambucus canadensis

    American Elderberry is grown for its large clusters of fragrant white flowers and clusters of deep purple-black berries. Blooms June and July. This deciduous shrub grows to 12 ft in both height and...

  • Diervilla loniceraDiervilla lonicera

    Native to North America, Northern bush-honeysuckle is a small, mound-shaped, deciduous shrub to 3 ft. Exfoliating bark reveals orange inner bark. Dark-green leaves change from yellow to red in autumn....
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